What is Direct Mail Service?


If your company or organization needs to send real mail for a campaign but you don’t have the resources to print, package, or send the material yourself, it may be time to take advantage of direct mail service. When you let a professional handle your printing and mailing needs, you can make sure your message gets our there while you focus on more important activities related to your organization. At Caldwell, our job is to help you fulfill all your direct mailing needs from concept to delivery.

Targeting Your Audience

Direct mail service starts with a simple question, “Who do you want to send your message to?” You may already have the answer to this question, but if you don’t, we can help you create a list of addresses that will be receptive to your messaging. The best audience for your mailers will depend on which goals you have for your organization. We have direct mail experts who have experience with a wide range of businesses, non profits, and political campaigns.

Designing the Mailer

Once you’ve established a goal and know who you need to reach to meet that goal, it’s time to design a mailer that appeals to your target audience. If you don’t already have a design, a professional direct mail service company will help you create all the graphics and text needed to communicate your message effectively. There are countless design possibilities that can engage your audience.

Printing and Mailing

This is the part where your project starts coming to life. With our state-of-the-art printing technology, we can create high-quality brochures, leaflets, catalogs, coupons and a whole lot more. Once we print your materials, we’ll handle the entire mailing process until it gets to the post office or other courier. We’ll address every piece, apply the necessary postage, and send all the materials on their way. There’s no need for you to keep piles of boxes filled with printed materials in your office or warehouse.

When you hire a company like Caldwell for direct mail service, you don’t need to worry about any step of the process. We can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements and expectations. Call us today for more information.



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