Direct Order Fulfillment

57234306 - diagram of order fulfillment

If you sell products on a website, over the phone, or through a mail catalog, high demand can make it very difficult to fill all your orders accurately and on time. Boxes can pile up in your office, order slips can get lost or switched, and urgent shipments can get confused for routine ones. A successful order fulfillment process requires good software, attentive management, and experience that your company may not yet have. Instead of struggling to do the job yourself, you can take advantage of the expertise and resources of a professional order fulfillment company, keeping you and your customers happy.

When you hire a company like Caldwell to fulfill your orders, you’ll quickly realize how simple things can be. All you have to do is give the fulfillment company a customer’s order and they’ll handle the rest. They’ll hold and track the inventory, pick the product according to the packing list, package the product, label the box, and send the shipment on its way. It’s really that easy. The advantages to using a professional direct order fulfillment service like this include:

  • More time for advertising and marketing
  • More office space for sales generation
  • Consistent on time shipments
  • Simpler and more streamlined process

Whether your company sells gourmet baked goods or specialized hardware, you can get the peace of mind you deserve knowing that your products will get where they need to go. An order fulfillment company like Caldwell will treat your products and customers as if they were their own. Tracking data, inventory levels, and any other information you need about your products will be available at a moment’s notice. To learn more about the direct order fulfillment services offered by Caldwell, give us a call today.


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