10 Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Ideas

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A direct mail postcard marketing campaign targeting previous or potential customers can improve your sales. Here are 10 ideas that may give you the inspiration you need to create a successful campaign:

  1. Introductory postcards are perfect for new businesses who want to make their presence known. The introduction should very clearly state who, what, and where you are.
  2. Coupon postcards can get potential customers walking through your door when they otherwise wouldn’t. If your target is a previous customer, you can use their history to create the perfect discount.
  3. Happy birthday direct mail postcard marketing can show your previous customers that they’re valuable to your organization. They can include discounts, appointment reminders, or other unique information.
  4. Weird postcards can grab the attention of people sifting through their mail in ways straight-up advertisements can’t. Let your creative and innovative side loose.
  5. The Superhero postcard approach is popular because it’s effective. You can attract a lot of clients with a simple message that says, “We’re here to rescue you during this difficult time.”
  6. A high quality photograph of your product, employees, or project results can help your brand stand out. Include simple contact information on the other side.
  7. Testimonial postcards can prove that your company delivers results. This is especially valuable if your company works on large projects that require big investments.
  8. Personalized postcards are far more likely to get an initial response from your targets than generic ones. Make your message look like it’s coming from a friend.
  9. Announcing a special event or sale is the perfect opportunity for a postcard. Include the date, location, and special details to get the maximum effect.
  10. Test your ideas and adapt them. You’ll create the perfect postcard after finding out what does and doesn’t work.

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