Direct Marketing Mailing Lists

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Direct marketing helps all types of businesses engage with new and returning customers, but no direct marketing campaign can be effective without the right mailing list. Due to the costs involved with direct mailers, blanketing your state, city, or even neighborhood with mailers is most likely not effective. By targeting your advertising to people who are most likely to have a positive response, you can get a great return on your marketing investment. The key to creating highly effective direct marketing mailing lists is to know your customers.

Creating Your Own List:

If you’re part of an established business that already has a client base, you can get a ton of valuable information from those existing relationships. Let’s say you sell IT services to local business, and most of your clients have between 10-50 employees. By targeting other small businesses in the area of similar size, you’re likely to find clients who can benefit significantly from your help. At the same time, you’ll want to avoid businesses not within your niche that might ignore the services you have to offer. You can also target firms based on their place in the North American Industry Classification System.

Third Party Mailing Lists:

Direct mailing companies like Caldwell have helped a wide range of businesses of all sizes in creating direct marketing mailing lists to meet their needs. Industry professionals have learned what makes lists work, and they can share this knowledge with you. This can be an especially valuable service if your company is just starting out and doesn’t have an existing list of clients. Caldwell can start you out with a list of highly valuable targets. You can then tweak that list to fit your niche as you figure out who your best customers in the community are.


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