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Marketing your products and services in ways that won’t turn away your target audience can seem like a challenging task. On one side, you need to be aggressive enough to provoke customers to action without making them feel uncomfortable. On the other side, you want your brand to be engaging in a way that makes customers feel part of something special. This is a delicate balancing act that requires the right methods and practices to succeed, and direct marketing can be one of the most effective path to success.

Why Direct Marketing Matters

When it comes to advertising your products and services in a way that’s not annoying, direct marketing can help you reach a wide range of goals. Technology, like TV and the Internet, has made advertising to big groups of people a lot easier, but ads targeted at big parts of the population tend to be annoying to many demographics, wasting a lot of money. Direct mailers, on the other hand, target people you know are prone to purchasing your products or services, meaning you have a much bigger chance of not annoying your audience and creating sales. By avoiding spending money on advertising to people who may never want or need your business, you can focus your time and money on groups that have the biggest impact on your sales.

Avoiding the Junk Mail Pile

With a direct mailing campaign, you still have the potential to annoy your audience if you don’t design and print the right mailer. After all, we all get things in the mail we immediately throw away because we consider it junk. Whether you decide to send out a brochure, postcard, flyer, or pamphlet, using enticing colors, precise language, and a professional layout will be crucial. Bullet lists, bold letters, and colorful graphics are all good ways to grab the attention of the reader. Your mailer should also be printed on a high quality surface using a high-tech printer that has a good resolution.

If you’re not sure what direction to go in your direct marketing campaign, Caldwell can help.


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