Earning new business can be a confusing process for small companies, but direct mail marketing campaigns can be easy and effective no matter what your industry is. The simple steps of your campaign will include picking your target audience, choosing and designing a mailer, and then printing and delivering the results. By taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of a professional each step of the way, you’ll have the best chance of reaching your marketing goals.

Understand and Target Your Customers

Whether you sell unique craft items or valuable home services, there are likely to be specific demographics most likely to buy what you’re selling. If you have existing customers, you can study them to find out who those people are. If you’re just starting out, professionals at a direct mail marketing service company like Caldwell can help you pick a target audience that’s most likely to respond to your campaign based on previous client information.

Pick and Create Your Mailer

There are a lot of different types of mailers available, but you should choose a layout that matches your company’s unique style and vision. Maybe you’re launching a new product and want to show it off? A full page flyer with enticing descriptions and colorful pictures could be perfect. If you’re offering a limited discount, a short postcard that gets to the point can get people visiting your shop. Match your mailer with your company’s colors for consistent branding.

Printing and Delivery

Having a design and target audience isn’t much good if you can’t print and deliver your mailers. The most cost-effective way to get your campaign to your target audience is to take advantage of the resources of a full direct mail marketing service like Caldwell. We have high-tech printers for creating high-resolution quality prints, and we have the equipment and tools to send out a large amount of mailers at the most affordable rate. We can make your unique direct mail marketing campaign a success.

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