Direct mail campaigns help nonprofit organizations spread their message to audiences who have the will and resources to benefit your organization in substantial ways. At Caldwell Letter Service Inc., we have a team of experienced specialists who can help you design and implement direct mail for a nonprofit campaign that improves funding and awareness for your cause. Unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, direct mailers target specific individuals, families and organizations for more effective results.


How We Approach Direct Mail for Nonprofits

Direct mailing can be used to promote any or all of your fundraising and awareness efforts, and we can tailor each campaign to match your specific needs. Whether you’re trying to connect with a new base of donors or reach out to your existing supporters, we can help you create mailers that are proven to create results. We design, print, and mail postcards, flyers, newsletters, personal letters, calendars, booklets, and brochures. Our high quality mailers will let your existing and potential donors know how much you care about your cause.


Your One-Stop Spot for Direct Mailers

Designing, printing, and delivering the direct mailers for your campaign can seem like a daunting project, but we’re here to make the entire process as quick and simple as possible. We’re here to be your one stop shop no matter what goals you have. We can help you design a mailer that will attract your target audience, print your mailers using high-tech equipment, create a mailing list that targets a receptive audience, and send out your mailers using the most reliable and cost-effective delivery services.

With the services available from Caldwell, you’ll never have to make separate visits to the designer, print shop or post office. We know that it’s crucial for nonprofits to put as much money as possible towards their cause, and we have no interest in making you spend more than you have to for your direct mailing. When you work with us, you can count on our professionals to care just as much about your mission as you do.



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