The Internet has changed marketing and advertising in many significant ways over the past two decades, but real direct mail still remains one of the most powerful tools for reaching an audience. When combined with the comprehensive services available from direct mail providers, direct mail marketing campaigns can open up great opportunities for growth. If you’ve never ran a direct mailing campaign before, there’s no need to worry. You don’t need any experience or expertise to get the full benefits of direct mailing when you work with a company like Caldwell.

Personalized Targeting and Design Services

Whether you own a small restaurant or organize a local political campaign, direct mail providers will help you find an attentive audience and a mailer design that will attract their attention. Unlike an email, website ad, or radio placement, a direct mailer is almost guaranteed to be viewed by your recipient at least once. With the correct design and layout, it can even have a repeat viewing effect. For example, a campaign leaflet using a bold font for polling location and date is likely to find a home on someone’s refrigerator or notice board. Full service direct mail providers know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all campaigns, so they’ll help you create a design that matches your organization’s mission.

Save Time on Quality Printing and Mailing

After direct mail providers produce a design and create a mailing list, they’ll handle the entire printing and mailing process so that you can focus on more important business activities. At Caldwell, we have high-tech printing equipment that can produce quality mailers at reasonable prices. We even have variable data printing technology that enables us to personalize each mailer to specific targets. When someone receives a mailer that treats them as a unique individual, they will be far more likely to follow your call to action.

If you have a particularly large mailing campaign, your mailers can take up a lot of valuable office space. Fortunately, direct mail providers can take care of every part of the mailing process for you so that you never have to worry about storing your prints. Caldwell will make sure each mailer is properly addressed and has the right postage before sending it off to the post office. If you have an ongoing campaign, we’ll even monitor the results of your mailers in order to make adjustments and fixes.

Caldwell is always striving to be one of the premier direct mail providers for small businesses, nonprofits, political campaigns, and government organizations. Give us a call today to begin your direct mail campaign.


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