If you have thought about starting a direct mail postcard marketing project but still aren’t convinced that the effort will benefit your local organization, business, or political campaign, you might be amazed at the opportunities this type of advertising can present. Despite major advances in technology over the past few decades, direct mailing postcards have remained one of the most popular ways to spread a message in the business and nonprofit world.

Postcards Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

When it comes to spending marketing funds on your organization, finding a method that’s affordable and effective is the holy grail. Postcards are not only inexpensive to produce and mail, but they are highly engaging when properly designed. Large batches of postcards can usually be printed for less than 10 cents per piece, and they can be mailed for only 34 cents. A small investment in a postcard can potentially pay off huge without the risks that can come with other advertising campaigns.

Postcards Directly Engage with People

Think about how many emails, webpage ads, and radio jingles you’ve ignored over the years. Now think about how often you ignore what comes directly through your mailbox. The fact is that people pay much closer attention to what they can touch and feel in their hands than things they can only see and hear through a screen. When you send out a postcard with your company’s message on it, people are much more likely to listen and respond than they would for an Internet link. Some people may even stick your postcard somewhere important if it contains valuable information or attractive graphics, creating a constant reminder of your product, service, or cause.

Postcards Offer Versatility

There are a wide range of goals your organization can aim towards with postcard marketing. For example, some companies use postcards to offer enticing discounts and special offers to new and returning customers. Others use them to announce new products, services, special events, and other developments that may convince the recipient to act. Postcards also come in a wide range of sizes. Small prints are very effective at grabbing attention, but big postcards can dominate every other piece of mail.

You can learn more about the benefits of direct mailing postcards by speaking with the professionals at Caldwell. We’re ready to help you take advantage of this affordable and effective form of marketing.


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