If you want to understand the demographics for a targeted direct marketing campaign, you may be evaluating mailing list companies.  What you need to know is that not all mailing list companies are created equally.   You can get a greater return on your investment if you choose a mailing list company that is not only experienced with data mining “Big Data”, but also one that has vast knowledge of marketing procedures with the resources to give you more bang for your buck.


Performing data mining correctly is a complicated and detailed process.  Here at Caldwell Letter Service, your one stop shop for your direct marketing campaign, we specialize is creating mailing lists targeted to your ideal customer based upon demographic criteria gleaned from technologically advanced algorithmic software.


Mining Big Data


We can determine not only where your targeted audience resides, but we can delve even deeper into demographic data you may not realize is available. For example, perhaps you have a dog grooming service but specialize trimming shih-tzu’s with your unique skills.  If you are searching for all dog owners in the Chicago suburbs, we can provide you with that list, but we can go even deeper to tell you which residences contain a particular breed of dogs like where all of the nearby shih-tzu owners reside.


Value Added Services


When you need a mailing list company to deliver you good qualified results, you may not realize that one mailing list company in particular can provide you with that and so much more.  At Caldwell Letter Service, we use technologically advanced software to provide detailed mailing lists derived from your specific criteria.  But we don’t stop there.


Modern Professional Printing Services


We also provide quality printing with modern printing presses, saving you time and money while providing professional eye catching printed material.   Caldwell is a leader in the printing industry, embracing the latest in technological advances and providing cost effective, efficient solutions to our customers.


Packing and Fulfillment


Once we print your material in our state-of-the-art facility, we continue to provide value by printing all of your mailing labels and packing your project according to your specific directions.  We can make books, binders, and catalogs with ease, even finishing your project off with polybagged packing of heavy duty catalogs.


Shipping and Mailing


Once your project is printed and assembled, and your mailing list is complete, leave the shipping to the mailing experts – Caldwell Letter Service.  For over 80 years we have been working with the United States Postal Service, enhancing our knowledge of the promotions available for discounts on mailing projects.


When you are searching for professional mailing list companies, don’t settle for mediocre service – let the professionals at Caldwell Letter Service show you what a Full Service Marketing and Mailing List Company can provide.  


Contact Caldwell Letter Service, Inc. today for a FREE no-obligation quotation for all of your Direct Mailing LIst and Marketing needs.



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