You may not be aware that your local printing company is your one stop shop for developing a direct mail marketing campaign, from start to finish.  An experienced full-service printer can generate mailing lists, then print your custom products, and literally mail it all for you.  

Not any printing company has the capabilities to do all of that, but at Caldwell Letter Service, we live up to the phrase “One Stop Shop”!  

Local Service with Vast International Shipping Experience

Caldwell Letter Service was established in Chicago over 85 years ago, providing superior service for all customers with all printing, mailing and fulfillment needs since 1932.  We provide a wide array of services including:

  • skilled designing
  • professional printing
  • mass mailing and
  • custom fulfillment

These versatile services are provided with various products for any occasion.

Direct Mail Marketing Enhances Digital Media

You may think that digital media has replaced good old fashion direct mail marketing- well that is absolutely not the case.  Direct mail is still a very effective way to directly target and connect with your audience, and to greatly enhance your brand awareness.  

With the drastic increase of digital media, electronics messages and e-mails may go unnoticed or unread altogether.   People that receive printed material that they find interesting, such as coupons and calendars will SAVE them!

People like the touch and feel of something real and tangible.   Tangible items delivered directly to a mailbox are taken inside and saved so that we can get back to it when we choose.  

Direct Mail campaigns can be used with digital media, coupons can be redeemed online or in store, and QR readers can take a user to a website for additional online promotions or interactive videos.

Direct Mail marketing practices used along-side digital services create vast awareness of your brand!  Printed materials displaying your logo, or your message in eye catching vibrant colors stay on the mind, and give more merit to some than digital material.  

Whatever your marketing, printing or mailing requirements, Caldwell is here assist with expert guidance from the beginning to the completion of your project.  Involving Caldwell from the beginning of your campaign will save you money with quick solutions for your projects.   

Why waste time searching for various providers such as graphic art designers, high quality print shops, and mail distribution companies including those utilizing data mining services to target your prime audience…when you can find all of those services with one provider, Caldwell.  

The versatility of services offered give you worry-free convenience with realized cost savings!  

For a full-service, one stop shop for your next Direct Mail Marketing campaign, including brand awareness and design, professional print services, and experienced distribution and fulfillment services – call on the experts at Caldwell Letter Service.


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