Custom Wrapping, Fulfillment and Data Mining

Custom Wrapping, Fulfillment and Data Mining

Packaging and Wrapping Catered to Your Products

Caldwell Letter Service has been leading the printing and mailing industry for over 85 years, taking great pride in delivering friendly, expert, and reliable service.  We always go the extra mile giving professional full service to all our customers.

Caldwell is an innovative leader in all Designing, Printing, Direct Mailing including Data Mining, and Specialty Fulfillment services including intricate assemblies and polybagged wrapping.  

Custom Polybagging Services

Caldwell specializes in value added services, giving each customer special and customized service.  We can deliver your direct mail products, newsletters, catalogs or magazines as polybagged products, giving added protection to your valuable investment.  Let your customer know there is something important inside!  

We can show you how easy it is to relay to your customers that you respect them enough to make sure that they receive your offer or products in excellent condition.  When your direct mail marketing campaign requires that final professional touch, add clear and sealed plastic wrapping for protection while providing an appealing and professional touch.  

Define Your Target Audience with Professional Data Mining

Caldwell has expert experience with the complicated process of Data Mining, which is a very complicated process but greatly contributes to direct mail marketing strategies.  

Gathering demographic information and analyzing it properly is a detailed process that uses specific computer algorithms to locate targeted desired characteristics.  We can determine with data mining which households have children, for example, or which contain new mothers, elderly or even which are pet owners.  

As well as consumer data, we can also filter business demographics for the industry they serve, size of the company with number of employees and revenue level, etc.  We can determine a broad scope or narrow down the data as needed.  For example, perhaps you need to know which houses contain pets, or you may really like to know which households contain Golden Retriever dogs.  

Grounds for Success

Determining your audience with data mining provides the needed grounds for success.  Prior to distributing your material, you need to know to whom you are distributing!  Mailing your marketing material to the people that would benefit from it the most provides the greatest return on your investment.

You work hard to design and create your marketing plan, get your money’s worth by putting it into the hands of your customers and ideal new customers.  Put in into the hands of Caldwell Letter Service for targeted plan with eye catching professional printing and timely, cost effective fulfillment.

Caldwell Letter Service, Inc. provides unique services to our customers by offering a One-Stop-Shop for marketing, printing, mailing, custom wrapping and packaging and fulfillment.  We assist with designing or enhancing your logo and artwork utilizing our in-house graphic designers and state-of-the-art printing equipment for professional products.  Begin with Caldwell Letter Service for your full service direct mail marketing plan development, to obtain successful results.


Chicago’s direct mail service provider: Caldwell Letter Service

Chicago’s direct mail service provider: Caldwell Letter Service

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Whether you’re responsible for growing a business, getting donations for your nonprofit, or earning the support of local voters, finding effective ways to spread your message to new audiences can be a challenge. At Caldwell, our mission is to help local organizations throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas take advantage of benefits that come from working with direct mail service providers. With our help, you can improve the chances of reaching your marketing goals no matter what type of organization you run.

Direct Mail Services

What’s the best way to get into direct touch with your target audience? If you think it’s through email, PPC, radio spots, or television ads, you may want to think again. By sending a postcard, newsletter, self mailer, brochure, or other piece of printed material directly to someone, you command their attention in ways other marketing methods can’t. Caldwell can help you design a mailer that gets people to notice your organization, leading to more customers, bigger sales, and a greater presence in the community.

Printing Services

Your office may have an inkjet printer, copier, and a few other printing tools, but the high quality printing results you’ll get from direct mail service providers like Caldwell are hard to match with consumer equipment. Caldwell has high-tech offset printers, digital printers, and variable data printers that can meet all the demands of your direct mail campaign. We can create printed materials that exhibit exceptional quality while making sure to meet any important deadlines you might have.

End-to-End Fulfillment

Conventions, trade shows, and other events are an important part of the Chicago business world, and providing swag helps companies spread their brand. Providing that swag, however, can be a logistical nightmare. Caldwell can help you sort, package, and deliver all the swag you need to fulfill all the demand you’ll get at your marketing events. We’ll make sure you get the mugs, pens, bags, and promotional materials you need in the quantities you need without delay.

At Caldwell, our goal is to be your partner in success no matter what the goals of your organization are. Call us today to request a quote or learn more about our services.


Direct Order Fulfillment

57234306 - diagram of order fulfillment

If you sell products on a website, over the phone, or through a mail catalog, high demand can make it very difficult to fill all your orders accurately and on time. Boxes can pile up in your office, order slips can get lost or switched, and urgent shipments can get confused for routine ones. A successful order fulfillment process requires good software, attentive management, and experience that your company may not yet have. Instead of struggling to do the job yourself, you can take advantage of the expertise and resources of a professional order fulfillment company, keeping you and your customers happy.

When you hire a company like Caldwell to fulfill your orders, you’ll quickly realize how simple things can be. All you have to do is give the fulfillment company a customer’s order and they’ll handle the rest. They’ll hold and track the inventory, pick the product according to the packing list, package the product, label the box, and send the shipment on its way. It’s really that easy. The advantages to using a professional direct order fulfillment service like this include:

  • More time for advertising and marketing
  • More office space for sales generation
  • Consistent on time shipments
  • Simpler and more streamlined process

Whether your company sells gourmet baked goods or specialized hardware, you can get the peace of mind you deserve knowing that your products will get where they need to go. An order fulfillment company like Caldwell will treat your products and customers as if they were their own. Tracking data, inventory levels, and any other information you need about your products will be available at a moment’s notice. To learn more about the direct order fulfillment services offered by Caldwell, give us a call today.