Direct Mailing Postcards: The Benefits

Direct Mailing Postcards: The Benefits


If you have thought about starting a direct mail postcard marketing project but still aren’t convinced that the effort will benefit your local organization, business, or political campaign, you might be amazed at the opportunities this type of advertising can present. Despite major advances in technology over the past few decades, direct mailing postcards have remained one of the most popular ways to spread a message in the business and nonprofit world.

Postcards Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

When it comes to spending marketing funds on your organization, finding a method that’s affordable and effective is the holy grail. Postcards are not only inexpensive to produce and mail, but they are highly engaging when properly designed. Large batches of postcards can usually be printed for less than 10 cents per piece, and they can be mailed for only 34 cents. A small investment in a postcard can potentially pay off huge without the risks that can come with other advertising campaigns.

Postcards Directly Engage with People

Think about how many emails, webpage ads, and radio jingles you’ve ignored over the years. Now think about how often you ignore what comes directly through your mailbox. The fact is that people pay much closer attention to what they can touch and feel in their hands than things they can only see and hear through a screen. When you send out a postcard with your company’s message on it, people are much more likely to listen and respond than they would for an Internet link. Some people may even stick your postcard somewhere important if it contains valuable information or attractive graphics, creating a constant reminder of your product, service, or cause.

Postcards Offer Versatility

There are a wide range of goals your organization can aim towards with postcard marketing. For example, some companies use postcards to offer enticing discounts and special offers to new and returning customers. Others use them to announce new products, services, special events, and other developments that may convince the recipient to act. Postcards also come in a wide range of sizes. Small prints are very effective at grabbing attention, but big postcards can dominate every other piece of mail.

You can learn more about the benefits of direct mailing postcards by speaking with the professionals at Caldwell. We’re ready to help you take advantage of this affordable and effective form of marketing.


Elements of Direct Mail Postcard Design

Elements of Direct Mail Postcard Design

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With a direct mail postcard campaign, you have a limited amount of space to grab the attention of your audience, so finding the right design is crucial to your success. Whether you want to advertise your upcoming charity event or generate new sales leads for your local business, great direct mail postcard design can help you take full advantage of one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques.


While some postcards don’t include any graphics to achieve a certain effect, most will have a picture or drawing that attracts the eye. Graphics can take up a part or all of the front of your postcard, but they should maintain a consistent color scheme with the text. Some companies like to include their logo and related art designs while others will include pictures of their products, employees, or locations. Your graphics should be pleasing to the eye while representing the true value that your products or services have for your target group.


Every word on your postcard takes up valuable space, so using precise language is very important in your direct mail postcard design. For example, let’s say you have a sentence that reads, “We have expert agents who have years of industry experience and are ready to help you.” You can communicate this idea in a bullet point that says,“Experts ready to serve you.” You have plenty of space on your website and other marketing materials to use flowery language or complex sentences.

Call to Action

You can create a postcard that’s so attractive it’s hung up on refrigerators all over your community, but if it doesn’t have a clear call to action, it’s useless to your organization. A call to action is how you get your targets to act on your marketing efforts in ways you need them to. For example, if you’re marketing a new menu for your local restaurant, your call to action could say, “Visit us today for 20% off your order!” Combined with great pictures of your entrees and delectable descriptions of your appetizers, your targets may not be able to resist coming to your restaurant.

Creating the perfect design for your postcard on your first try is unlikely, so make sure you make adjustments as you get responses to each mailing. Learn more about direct mail postcard design by contacting Caldwell today.

Chicago’s direct mail service provider: Caldwell Letter Service

Chicago’s direct mail service provider: Caldwell Letter Service

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Whether you’re responsible for growing a business, getting donations for your nonprofit, or earning the support of local voters, finding effective ways to spread your message to new audiences can be a challenge. At Caldwell, our mission is to help local organizations throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas take advantage of benefits that come from working with direct mail service providers. With our help, you can improve the chances of reaching your marketing goals no matter what type of organization you run.

Direct Mail Services

What’s the best way to get into direct touch with your target audience? If you think it’s through email, PPC, radio spots, or television ads, you may want to think again. By sending a postcard, newsletter, self mailer, brochure, or other piece of printed material directly to someone, you command their attention in ways other marketing methods can’t. Caldwell can help you design a mailer that gets people to notice your organization, leading to more customers, bigger sales, and a greater presence in the community.

Printing Services

Your office may have an inkjet printer, copier, and a few other printing tools, but the high quality printing results you’ll get from direct mail service providers like Caldwell are hard to match with consumer equipment. Caldwell has high-tech offset printers, digital printers, and variable data printers that can meet all the demands of your direct mail campaign. We can create printed materials that exhibit exceptional quality while making sure to meet any important deadlines you might have.

End-to-End Fulfillment

Conventions, trade shows, and other events are an important part of the Chicago business world, and providing swag helps companies spread their brand. Providing that swag, however, can be a logistical nightmare. Caldwell can help you sort, package, and deliver all the swag you need to fulfill all the demand you’ll get at your marketing events. We’ll make sure you get the mugs, pens, bags, and promotional materials you need in the quantities you need without delay.

At Caldwell, our goal is to be your partner in success no matter what the goals of your organization are. Call us today to request a quote or learn more about our services.


Caldwell’s Direct Mail Printing and Mailing Services

Caldwell’s Direct Mail Printing and Mailing Services

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If you’re not getting the marketing results you expect from Internet SEO, radio ads, or television spots, it may be time to take advantage of the direct mail printing and mailing services available from a full-service company like Caldwell Letter Service. Whether you want to grow your startup business or get the attention of voters in your area, we can help you reach out to a target audience that will be receptive to your message. We’ll handle every aspect of the design, printing, and mailing of your marketing materials so that you can focus on what you do best.

The Advantages of Direct Mail

Direct mail is a highly effective form of marketing because it’s real and exists in a less competitive environment. Your typical Internet user sees hundreds or thousands of PPC ads and email messages a day, and television and radio spots disappear as soon as they’re seen. Direct mail, however, may only compete with a few other pieces of mail, and recipients can keep it for as long as they want. For example, if you run a catering company, the menu you send out through the mail will be a reminder to local businesses that you’re a great option for lunch every time they’re hungry.

High Quality Printing Services

Whether you plan to send out postcards, newsletters, brochures, or any other type of direct mailer, producing a high quality print will be key to earning a positive reputation with your target audience. At Caldwell, we have a two color Heidelberg MOZ and a four color Shinohara offset press as well as variable data printing technology. We have the capability of printing mailing pieces that will exceed your expectations and impress your customers.

Caldwell Letter Service is proud to provide comprehensive service for small and large businesses, nonprofits, and political campaigns throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas. We have experts on staff who are ready to help you get the most out of your direct mail campaign. Call us today to request a quote or get more information about direct mail printing and mailing services.

Planning Direct Mail Postcard Marketing

Planning Direct Mail Postcard Marketing

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When you want an effective yet inexpensive way to market your products or services to the local community, postcard marketing can help you reach your goals. With postcards, you can spread your message to individuals, families, or businesses who may be receptive to your organization’s mission. Postcards can be a means to an end themselves, or they can be used as an important step in lead generation. Direct mail postcard marketing is a very flexible form of advertising that can suit a wide range of purposes.

Creating Your Mailing List

Before designing, printing, and mailing your postcards, you’ll need to find out where to send them. Creating a mailing list can be accomplished through information you already have in house or by buying a list from a marketing company. For example, if you’ve been running a travel agency for years, you know which groups of people use your services the most, and you can target those demographics for the best results. Startups may want to purchase a list if they’re not sure who in the area might be most receptive to their message.

Text, Graphics, and Layout

Postcards don’t offer a lot of space, so you have to make the most of every square inch when planning your direct mail postcard. One popular approach to design is to put a picture on one side to attract the recipients’ attention while having text on the other side that provides valuable information. The key to all postcards is to have an enticing call to action. Whether that means a call to your office, a click on your website, or a visit to your store, you want that call to action to be loud and clear.

Mailing and Printing

If you plan to mail and print your postcards quickly and with the highest quality results, you’ll want to work with a full service direct mailing company. By working with professionals, you’ll save time, prevent clutter in your office, and take advantage of the knowledge of industry experts who know how to get results. Like any other marketing effort, you’ll want to evaluate the results of your postcards and make any necessary changes to optimize results. Planning will likely be an ongoing process.


Create Your Own Direct Mail Postcard Campaign

Create Your Own Direct Mail Postcard Campaign


If you think that postcards are just cute little messages for grandmothers to send their grandchildren during trips across the country, it’s time to learn about the benefits a direct mail postcard campaign can have for your small business or organization. Postcards are a powerful and affordable way to market your products, services, or people, and they can be used in conjunction with websites and social media to grow your presence in the community.

The Perfect Message

Postcards don’t give you the room you might need to get into the nitty-gritty details of your organization, but you can communicate your vision effectively by approaching your design in a clear and concise manner. In a world where music singles and YouTube clips rule, quick and digestible bits of information are the key to success. Before creating a design, think about the strongest attributes of your brand and how you can communicate those qualities in as few words as possible.

Postcards can contain almost any piece of information you might want to send to existing or potential customers. The more personalized you make each message, the more open your recipients will be to your message. Your postcard can include:

  • Coupons
  • Event information
  • Special offers
  • New products and service launches
  • Appointment reminders

There really is no limit to what you can put on your postcards, so we encourage our clients to think outside of the box when planning their direct mail postcard campaigns. Giving your target audience something of value, like a free birthday item or complimentary consultation, will encourage them to follow your call to action.

The Affordable Mailing Campaign

Postcards require the least amount of postage of any type of mailer, giving you the opportunity to create an effective marketing campaign without making a big investment. While not as cheap as email, the information on your postcards are almost guaranteed to be viewed by every recipient, unlike the messages that end up in so many spam folders. Many organizations use postcards as an entry point with a new client. If a recipient shows interest, they can request brochures, newsletters, or more detailed campaign literature.

If you think postcards can help your marketing efforts and you’re not sure where to start, Caldwell can provide all the support and guidance you need. Call us today to begin work on your upcoming direct mail postcard campaign.


The Benefits of a Direct Mail Provider

The Benefits of a Direct Mail Provider


The Internet has changed marketing and advertising in many significant ways over the past two decades, but real direct mail still remains one of the most powerful tools for reaching an audience. When combined with the comprehensive services available from direct mail providers, direct mail marketing campaigns can open up great opportunities for growth. If you’ve never ran a direct mailing campaign before, there’s no need to worry. You don’t need any experience or expertise to get the full benefits of direct mailing when you work with a company like Caldwell.

Personalized Targeting and Design Services

Whether you own a small restaurant or organize a local political campaign, direct mail providers will help you find an attentive audience and a mailer design that will attract their attention. Unlike an email, website ad, or radio placement, a direct mailer is almost guaranteed to be viewed by your recipient at least once. With the correct design and layout, it can even have a repeat viewing effect. For example, a campaign leaflet using a bold font for polling location and date is likely to find a home on someone’s refrigerator or notice board. Full service direct mail providers know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all campaigns, so they’ll help you create a design that matches your organization’s mission.

Save Time on Quality Printing and Mailing

After direct mail providers produce a design and create a mailing list, they’ll handle the entire printing and mailing process so that you can focus on more important business activities. At Caldwell, we have high-tech printing equipment that can produce quality mailers at reasonable prices. We even have variable data printing technology that enables us to personalize each mailer to specific targets. When someone receives a mailer that treats them as a unique individual, they will be far more likely to follow your call to action.

If you have a particularly large mailing campaign, your mailers can take up a lot of valuable office space. Fortunately, direct mail providers can take care of every part of the mailing process for you so that you never have to worry about storing your prints. Caldwell will make sure each mailer is properly addressed and has the right postage before sending it off to the post office. If you have an ongoing campaign, we’ll even monitor the results of your mailers in order to make adjustments and fixes.

Caldwell is always striving to be one of the premier direct mail providers for small businesses, nonprofits, political campaigns, and government organizations. Give us a call today to begin your direct mail campaign.