Custom Wrapping, Fulfillment and Data Mining

Custom Wrapping, Fulfillment and Data Mining

Packaging and Wrapping Catered to Your Products

Caldwell Letter Service has been leading the printing and mailing industry for over 85 years, taking great pride in delivering friendly, expert, and reliable service.  We always go the extra mile giving professional full service to all our customers.

Caldwell is an innovative leader in all Designing, Printing, Direct Mailing including Data Mining, and Specialty Fulfillment services including intricate assemblies and polybagged wrapping.  

Custom Polybagging Services

Caldwell specializes in value added services, giving each customer special and customized service.  We can deliver your direct mail products, newsletters, catalogs or magazines as polybagged products, giving added protection to your valuable investment.  Let your customer know there is something important inside!  

We can show you how easy it is to relay to your customers that you respect them enough to make sure that they receive your offer or products in excellent condition.  When your direct mail marketing campaign requires that final professional touch, add clear and sealed plastic wrapping for protection while providing an appealing and professional touch.  

Define Your Target Audience with Professional Data Mining

Caldwell has expert experience with the complicated process of Data Mining, which is a very complicated process but greatly contributes to direct mail marketing strategies.  

Gathering demographic information and analyzing it properly is a detailed process that uses specific computer algorithms to locate targeted desired characteristics.  We can determine with data mining which households have children, for example, or which contain new mothers, elderly or even which are pet owners.  

As well as consumer data, we can also filter business demographics for the industry they serve, size of the company with number of employees and revenue level, etc.  We can determine a broad scope or narrow down the data as needed.  For example, perhaps you need to know which houses contain pets, or you may really like to know which households contain Golden Retriever dogs.  

Grounds for Success

Determining your audience with data mining provides the needed grounds for success.  Prior to distributing your material, you need to know to whom you are distributing!  Mailing your marketing material to the people that would benefit from it the most provides the greatest return on your investment.

You work hard to design and create your marketing plan, get your money’s worth by putting it into the hands of your customers and ideal new customers.  Put in into the hands of Caldwell Letter Service for targeted plan with eye catching professional printing and timely, cost effective fulfillment.

Caldwell Letter Service, Inc. provides unique services to our customers by offering a One-Stop-Shop for marketing, printing, mailing, custom wrapping and packaging and fulfillment.  We assist with designing or enhancing your logo and artwork utilizing our in-house graphic designers and state-of-the-art printing equipment for professional products.  Begin with Caldwell Letter Service for your full service direct mail marketing plan development, to obtain successful results.




Caldwell provides professional direct mail products for any occasion!


When you need to add a special touch of elegance, mailing a beautifully crafted and personalized envelope will impress your recipient, because first impressions matter.

Mail your next invitations, or direct mail campaigns, with specialty designed envelopes stuffed with custom inserts.

Caldwell has vast experience designing, printing, and assembling direct mail projects for business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B)) solicitations with custom inserts.   


Caldwell provides crisp, clean lines with vibrant colors for many occasions, on either glossy or textured finish.  When you need to get your customer’s attention and save your offer to act upon it, only the most professional printed material will do.  

Political campaigns rely heavily on voters’ impressions of the candidate. Political direct mail campaigns present an urgent need to be noticed.  You can rely upon Caldwell to display your campaign with a high level of professionalism.


We can print folded mailers such as bi-fold or tri-fold advertising brochures of any size or shape, displaying your offer with high professionalism and eye catching designs.  Caldwell is extremely knowledgeable about all United States Postal Service promotions, qualifying our clients’ projects for discounts when mailing.


Whether marketing to consumers or other businesses, eye-catching brochures displaying your unique capabilities are an excellent way to let your audience know the value you can provide to them.  


Continually reminding your customers of the services and products that you offer is vital to maintaining your solid customer base.  You must always prioritize satisfying your current customers building upon that solid customer base to position your business for growth.  

At Caldwell Letter Service, our staff of skilled graphic designers can assist you with creating a memorable Newsletter.  We can go even further to print and distribute your dazzling projects for you, and on regular intervals thus saving you time and money.  


When customers and potential customers are ready to make a purchase, they want the information they desire at their fingertips.  Distributing a detailed catalog showcasing your products and services can be the deciding factor that keep new customers or creates new ones.  

Caldwell can even target your catalogs to specific audiences such as preferred customers, or households with your specified criteria, reaping maximum benefits from your catalog distribution campaign.

Combined with our data mining services, you are sure to impress your specified targeted audience.

Contact Caldwell today for more information on the wide array of products and services that we provide, including professionally printed cards, newsletters, catalogs and much more.  Let us show you how the one stop shop for print and direct mail services give you the most value with proven cost effective mail methods.  


Experienced Direct Mail Services and More

Experienced Direct Mail Services and More

You may not be aware that your local printing company is your one stop shop for developing a direct mail marketing campaign, from start to finish.  An experienced full-service printer can generate mailing lists, then print your custom products, and literally mail it all for you.  

Not any printing company has the capabilities to do all of that, but at Caldwell Letter Service, we live up to the phrase “One Stop Shop”!  

Local Service with Vast International Shipping Experience

Caldwell Letter Service was established in Chicago over 85 years ago, providing superior service for all customers with all printing, mailing and fulfillment needs since 1932.  We provide a wide array of services including:

  • skilled designing
  • professional printing
  • mass mailing and
  • custom fulfillment

These versatile services are provided with various products for any occasion.

Direct Mail Marketing Enhances Digital Media

You may think that digital media has replaced good old fashion direct mail marketing- well that is absolutely not the case.  Direct mail is still a very effective way to directly target and connect with your audience, and to greatly enhance your brand awareness.  

With the drastic increase of digital media, electronics messages and e-mails may go unnoticed or unread altogether.   People that receive printed material that they find interesting, such as coupons and calendars will SAVE them!

People like the touch and feel of something real and tangible.   Tangible items delivered directly to a mailbox are taken inside and saved so that we can get back to it when we choose.  

Direct Mail campaigns can be used with digital media, coupons can be redeemed online or in store, and QR readers can take a user to a website for additional online promotions or interactive videos.

Direct Mail marketing practices used along-side digital services create vast awareness of your brand!  Printed materials displaying your logo, or your message in eye catching vibrant colors stay on the mind, and give more merit to some than digital material.  

Whatever your marketing, printing or mailing requirements, Caldwell is here assist with expert guidance from the beginning to the completion of your project.  Involving Caldwell from the beginning of your campaign will save you money with quick solutions for your projects.   

Why waste time searching for various providers such as graphic art designers, high quality print shops, and mail distribution companies including those utilizing data mining services to target your prime audience…when you can find all of those services with one provider, Caldwell.  

The versatility of services offered give you worry-free convenience with realized cost savings!  

For a full-service, one stop shop for your next Direct Mail Marketing campaign, including brand awareness and design, professional print services, and experienced distribution and fulfillment services – call on the experts at Caldwell Letter Service.

Value Added Services from Mailing List Companies

Value Added Services from Mailing List Companies


If you want to understand the demographics for a targeted direct marketing campaign, you may be evaluating mailing list companies.  What you need to know is that not all mailing list companies are created equally.   You can get a greater return on your investment if you choose a mailing list company that is not only experienced with data mining “Big Data”, but also one that has vast knowledge of marketing procedures with the resources to give you more bang for your buck.


Performing data mining correctly is a complicated and detailed process.  Here at Caldwell Letter Service, your one stop shop for your direct marketing campaign, we specialize is creating mailing lists targeted to your ideal customer based upon demographic criteria gleaned from technologically advanced algorithmic software.


Mining Big Data


We can determine not only where your targeted audience resides, but we can delve even deeper into demographic data you may not realize is available. For example, perhaps you have a dog grooming service but specialize trimming shih-tzu’s with your unique skills.  If you are searching for all dog owners in the Chicago suburbs, we can provide you with that list, but we can go even deeper to tell you which residences contain a particular breed of dogs like where all of the nearby shih-tzu owners reside.


Value Added Services


When you need a mailing list company to deliver you good qualified results, you may not realize that one mailing list company in particular can provide you with that and so much more.  At Caldwell Letter Service, we use technologically advanced software to provide detailed mailing lists derived from your specific criteria.  But we don’t stop there.


Modern Professional Printing Services


We also provide quality printing with modern printing presses, saving you time and money while providing professional eye catching printed material.   Caldwell is a leader in the printing industry, embracing the latest in technological advances and providing cost effective, efficient solutions to our customers.


Packing and Fulfillment


Once we print your material in our state-of-the-art facility, we continue to provide value by printing all of your mailing labels and packing your project according to your specific directions.  We can make books, binders, and catalogs with ease, even finishing your project off with polybagged packing of heavy duty catalogs.


Shipping and Mailing


Once your project is printed and assembled, and your mailing list is complete, leave the shipping to the mailing experts – Caldwell Letter Service.  For over 80 years we have been working with the United States Postal Service, enhancing our knowledge of the promotions available for discounts on mailing projects.


When you are searching for professional mailing list companies, don’t settle for mediocre service – let the professionals at Caldwell Letter Service show you what a Full Service Marketing and Mailing List Company can provide.  


Contact Caldwell Letter Service, Inc. today for a FREE no-obligation quotation for all of your Direct Mailing LIst and Marketing needs.


Professional Direct Mail Provider Services

Professional Direct Mail Provider Services


When searching for direct mail provider services, settle only for a professional direct mail company with experience and resources focused on results.    An experienced direct mail provider will offer support for strategizing your direct mail campaign, assistance with design, printing and mail distribution.  


Developing a Strategy


A qualified mail provider service will offer to be involved during your strategy development, in fact it is vital for development of measurable analytics to determine quantified results.  Part of your strategy development should begin with focus on your product or service, what makes you unique, what makes you the best choice for your offer.  


With that in mind, a direct mail provider will then create your perfect buyer persona, your ideal customer.  Once your ideal customer is identified, including their demographics and buying habits, it is possible to target that audience with data mining.  Data mining is a complicated and detailed process working with algorithmic software to drill down into criteria of your selection.  By targeting your audience in this way, you gain the largest return on your investment, knowing that your mailers are providing value to your recipients.


Caldwell Letter Service, Inc. performs data mining services for a business to consumer model, targeting consumer purchases of particular products, and we also assist with B2B, business to business services locating businesses that meet particular criteria such as sales over 2 million or employees over 50, women owned or industry focused, the possibilities are endless.  


Design and Printing Services


A Professional Direct Mail Provider will have skilled graphic design artists on staff available to assist with logo creation or modernization, bringing a fresh new look for an eye catching memorable design.  Caldwell Letter Service, located in Chicago, IL and leaders in the design and printing industry, employ a staff of highly skilled graphic designers ready to assist with logo enhancement or creation.


Caldwell utilizes a state-of-the-art printing facility with modern printing presses with full capabilities.  We can print books and catalogs, mass production with Offset Printing, Specialized custom printing utilizing variable data printing, and UV Spot Coating for superior results with light or high gloss products.  


Our lineup of products include Postcards, Newsletters, Calendars, Books, Catalogs, Brochures, Mailers, Folded two or three section mailers, Specialized insertions with return mail or QR barcodes for digital involvement.  


Whatever your project, Caldwell Letter Service can deliver a solution, customized to your unique needs.
Contact Caldwell Letter Service today for a professional direct mail provider giving you the best value with design, printing, fulfillment and delivery.  We partner with our clients to portray your message exactly as you imagine, and then we can measure your results with targeted direct mail marketing.

Best Solutions for Direct Marketing | Chicago, IL

Best Solutions for Direct Marketing | Chicago, IL

There are several points to consider when selecting a quality provider for direct marketing, Chicago, IL.  You’ll want to make sure that you’re doing business with a reputable company, that they have the resources to provide you with quality products on time, and that they have experience with direct marketing.


Qualities of a Reputable Direct Marketing Company


A reputable direct marketing company will have plenty of examples of success stories, testimonials from satisfied customers as to how their services was superior beyond expectations.  You’ll want to know if they have designers on staff to enhance your material, adding a professional touch to your message.


You should ask how many years their business has been in operation.  This is very important, as an experienced long standing provider will have knowledge of how to design, organize, print and distribute your direct mail campaign, one that is set up for success.


Resources Necessary for Successful Direct Marketing


A reputable direct mail and marketing company will have the resources necessary to meet your project deadlines, ahead of schedule.  Data mining software, on staff graphic designers, and plenty of capacity with modern printing presses are all necessary components of a successful marketing company.  


Experienced Direct Marketing Company in Chicago


Chicago is one of the busiest cities in the United States, it may be difficult to find what you’re looking for with so many options.  You may find several companies that say they are a direct marketing business in Chicago, but you will only find ONE that will give you the level of service that you deserve.  


Caldwell Letter Service has been providing exemplary service to Chicago based businesses for over 80 years!  Since 1932, we have provided full service marketing including design, print, mailing and fulfillment – giving our customers the convenience of having all direct marketing and distribution needs under one roof.  


We have vast experience with all promotions offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS), giving even more value to our customers.  With our knowledge and experience, we can assure that you will receive discounts for any eligible mailing program.  Since Chicago, IL is a major hub for the USPS you will have the fastest service available for all of your mailing projects.


For a reputable direct marketing company located in Chicago, IL that has the capacity to meet your deadlines, with quality products produced from decades of experience, there is only ONE solution – Caldwell Letter Service, Inc.   Contact us today for a free no cost no obligation quotation to all of your direct marketing needs.  


Product Promotion: Marketing Postcards

Product Promotion: Marketing Postcards

32105130 - word cloud with direct marketing related tags

Getting word out about a new product you’re launching can seem like a real challenge. Television ads are expensive, and email and website ads are often ignored. Marketing postcards, however, can give you a cost-effective method for reaching your target audience they won’t be able to ignore. Whether you have a brand new menu with delectable dishes or an innovative new device you know that people will love, postcards can be an invaluable part of your overall marketing strategy.

Entice Your Audience

There’s a whole lot of companies out there with products who are competing for the attention of your target audience. Sending out a postcard is an important first step in placing your product at the top, but you have to have an enticing message to take advantage of that positioning. With postcards, you have a wide range of ways to attract your audience. You can include:

  • A colorful photo of your product
  • A list of product benefits
  • Testimonial quotes about your product
  • Product discounts or special promotional periods

The strategy that will work best for your company will depend on the type of product you’re selling and what your target audience is most likely to find appealing. You want to make your audience feel like they’ll be missing out on something great if they don’t have what you’re selling.

Generate the Sale

Once you entice your target audience with the benefits of your product, you’ll need to show them exactly what they need to do to get their hands on it. This is done through a call to action that’s displayed on the postcard at least twice. The key with any call to action is to get your audience to act right away. For example, if you have a restaurant you may want to say, “Call now to make your reservation,” making your target feel like they’ll miss out on your great food if they don’t call. Your call to action may just be encouraging your audience to visit your website or social media account.

If you want to learn more about marketing your products through marketing postcards, the experts at Caldwell will be happy to help. We have years of experience helping companies generate huge sales with powerful marketing tools.